How to Make MX Player AC3 Audio Support Works

Have you encountered an error on MX Player AC3 Audio support? That’s just mean MX player can play the video but not the audio. Since MX Player removed the AC3 on the list of its supported audio formats, don’t ever wonder why you are getting an error. Here’s a thing, you can solve it easily with just a few steps.

MX Player AC3

As I have told you, the error you are getting on MX Player regarding the AC3 format is not as hard to solve as you think. This error does not need any uninstalling process or something like that.

When you encounter the error “MX Player AC3 is not supported,” there is only one thing to do. And that is to download the codec which is missing on your application.

To solve that problem, we have here the step-by-step guide on how you will be able to make MX Player AC3 works.

MX Player AC3 Audio Support Works

Step 1. On your device, launch the MX Player and go to the main menu.

Step 2. Then, click on the Setting, find the Decoder option and click on it.

Step 3. Search for Custom Codec. That’s the codec you need to download and install in order to play the MX Player AC3 format. Exit the app for a while.

step 4. On your browser, download the mx player codec from trusted sites There are many codec files that will run the AC3 format. Just make sure that the file you will be downloading is that of what is indicated in the Custom Codec option.

Step 5. Once downloaded, move the file on your device internal memory. (If your downloads are currently saved on SD cards)

Step 6. Open the MX Player again. Once opened, it will automatically detect the custom codec you have downloaded.

Step 7. Just click on OK button and let it start.

Step 8. Then check if the custom codec has been successfully loaded. To check, go to MX Player settings > Menu > Help > about Page.

Step 8. There, you will see the version of your MX Player and the custom codec you have loaded inside the parentheses.

Congrats! MX Player can now support the AC3 format.

In Conclusion

By following the step-by-step guide we have provided above, I assume you are now able to play your video on AC3 format. If you have any question, please try to reach us at through the comment box below. Please feel free to visit us at Tiralarc Pyrenarc Luchon official website.

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